In 2016 our theme will be

"Jubilee — making the earth habitable for all humanity"

2015 Series: For the Common Good

BONUS — Bill Moyers will join the series on October 3, 2015! Watch for details !
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McKibben flyer

Bill McKibben will speak as part of the conference "Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization" (June 4-7). Check out conference details at

The 2015 series (beginning with a Pre-Series lecture in November 2014) marks the third year for the series "Agenda for a Prophetic Faith" sponsored by the Pomona Valley (California) Chapter of Progressive Christians Uniting and various like-minded institutions in Claremont, California, and neighboring communities.

Watch this space for developing information about the series.

One video has become available from ths year's series.
From February 22, 2015 on YouTube
The Rev. Ed Bacon on "A Prophetic Call from a Church on the Front Lines"

2013 and 2014 series: Everyone left behind — but not forgotten

Information on past series:

You can find information about the 2013 series with background information about the series locally, a predecessor series in Madision, Wisconsin, and the "kick-off" event with Bill McKibben in 2011 under the rubric "Archive" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.